Four small changes that can make a BIG difference!

October 21st, 2011

Webnode is continuously developing new features and improving current ones. We do not work only on large-scale components such as the New editor or the Modern Photo Gallery. We also develop smaller, but impactful “tweaks” that, like their larger counterparts, make working on your web easier and more efficient.

Copying text from a Webnode website

The same rules and legislations that apply to the publishing and broadcasting medias (e.g., books, newspapers, television channels, etc) also apply to web content. Hence, when using someone else’s text, it is always required to mention the original author. Webnode decided to simplify the process of quoting; so now when a text is copied from your website, it is automatically copied with a distinct link to the place where it was copied. With this enhancement your authorship is assured, but not just that! With this technology your web will receive backlinks from other sites, emails, blogs and social networks, that will ensure the improvement of your site’s position in search engines and bring more visitors.

Homepage in the site menu

To make your website user-friendly, you can add a homepage link to the site menu, so all the pages of your site are neatly organized. This feature is automatically available for newly created projects, while older projects can benefit of this feature simply by turning it on, in the “Page Properties” of the homepage.

Page Properties

Setting the homepage in site menu

Image and file uploading made easy

Pictures or files can now be inserted, in a much more convenient and faster way. The recording process is shortened to just a few clicks, and it is also possible to upload multiple files at once. Just hold down the “Ctrl” key and click on the files you want to add. Now uploading is much easier and efficient.

Setting the new photo gallery feature

Our new photo gallery is no longer news for you, since we dedicated an entire article (i.e., “Our New Photo Gallery”) to the subject. What you may not know, is that newly created photo galleries are automatically set to be displayed in the new look. On the other hand, preexisting galleries continue in the old look. However, you can view the photos in the modern style, by going to the “Photo Gallery Settings” and choosing the “Modern (light box)” option in the “Display type”. And remember, image descriptions created with Formatted text are not displayed. In order to add a photo capture, you must use the description field located under the photo.

Photo Gallery settings

Switch to modern look with existing photo gallery

Olga Prokopová (130 posts)

Four small changes that can make a BIG difference! by
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  • Hello! You can contact us at for any questions or concerns. We wish you a great day!

  • Hello! You can contact us at for any questions or concerns. We wish you a great day!

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