Webnode Web Editor – New Functions, New Look

August 15th, 2011

Managing your website has never been so fast and intuitive! The new Webnode web editor has not only a new modern interface which makes working on the website more efficient and simpler, but it also has a number of new functions which make your website even more attractive! Advanced text editor, simple integration of Facebook buttons or use of SEO tools are just some examples of what you get with the new Webnode web editor.

Effective Working with the Text Editor

The text editor is now much better organized and has more advanced functions. While editing the text you can use more levels of headings, and change the size and type of font in use. You can also align the text and insert flash files. Some of you will surely welcome the text search feature and the “Find and replace” button.

Quick Template Management

Working with templates is now much more transparent than ever before. Just with one click you can try any template, and see whether it suits your website. If you do not like it you can just cancel it with one more click. The download and import of templates are also very easy. You get many new templates, and our premium users can use a number of premium templates. Users of Personal websites have newly access to hundreds of Business templates (template management can be found under the “Website Template” button).


Tools for Increasing Traffic of Your Web

We know how important is to be visible on the Internet. That is why we launched new features enabling you to simply insert tools that help you to be visible – Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics. Just insert the code you received, into the field and Webnode will take care of the rest. You can now also easily upload the icon of your website (favicon). (The fields to insert these features in your website can be found in the “Advanced settings” in the “Website Template” section.)


To increase traffic on your website, integrate popular social networks to your web. Insert share features such as “Like box” Facebook button, or +1 (from the newly created social network Google+) and promote your web effectively on the internet.

Webnode widgets


You will surely like the possibility to quick share your just published site on Facebook and Twitter, directly from Webnode.

Share - Facebok & Twitter

The individual new functions will be described in our knowledge base.

We hope these innovations will allow you a more comfortable and effective management of your website. If you have any questions or suggestion, please feel free to contact us!

Olga Prokopová (130 posts)

Webnode Web Editor – New Functions, New Look by
  • Great! I loved the new editor!

  • Great new tools.Well done!

  • Narasimhasastry69

    its great and i want one thing
    How to publish news in SCROLLING on my web

  • dmcbride

    Looks great and is useful, but now I can’t operate the editor from my Ipad like I could before the change.

  • Thirukkeswaran

    my website page is not displaying.. what to do?

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