Spread of Fukushima Tweets vs. Radioactive Cloud

April 14th, 2011

On 11th March 2011, when Fukushima nuclear reactor blew its top, the community project Webnode noticed a significant increase in new blogs and comments regarding the ongoing situation in Japan. The average daily traffic of this project was almost doubled that day and the amount of new posts increased 3 fold to more than 650 000 comments mentioning the incident.

It was soon realized it would be valuable to view the global social interest in the unfolding events surrounding the Fukushima catastrophe. The purpose became to compare and contrast the spread of the radioactive cloud with the viral spread over social networks.


Read the full article here.


How Fukushima's Radioactive Cloud Influenced Social Networks

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Webnode (17 posts)

Spread of Fukushima Tweets vs. Radioactive Cloud by
  • Liagenifer

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