Use Foursquare to Benefit Your Business

Whether you want to promote a café, a hotel, or any customer-oriented business, you’ll surely benefit from the newest application in geotagging: foursquare. You’re just a few steps away from gaining valuable exposure. Try foursquare now and link it to your site!

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5 Widgets That Should Be on Your Business Site Right Now


Improve customer communication, gain trust, and promote your business online effortlessly. All this for free? Yes, that’s right. All you need to do is add the following widgets to your website and you’ll be surprised at what your business will reach.

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A Christmas Premium Package For You!


The last week of Christmas is about – gifts! Now we are giving out a free Premium Package for an entire year. Read more …

3 Different Ways to Use Password Protection

Not all information you have on your site is intended for the entire online community. Webnode offers a simple and effective solution for this – Password protection! Lock your selected web pages to all but your chosen users with a few easy clicks. Take a look at some ideas on how to fully utilize this feature.

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Got a Band? Promote it Online

Flaunt your talent, reach out to your fans, and maximize your online presence with a new band website. Jazz up your site with music samples, pics, tour dates, and social network buttons. Attractive design options and easy site management with no need for technical skills will have you spending more time with your music and less with your website!

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The Newest Google+ Features for Your Site


Looking for more ideas to promote your business online? Use Google+ for Business! Google+ brings you an exciting opportunity to advertise your business, widen your circle of customers, and encourage user engagement. Check out the newest features available.

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Reassure Your Customers with Order Tracking

Brown paper package


Quality products, good packaging, and reliable delivery. Your top quality services just miss one thing. Reassurance. To be certain customers have their mind at ease while waiting for a delivery, take advantage of the tracking tool in your e-shop.

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Using QR Codes for Your Business


It’s everywhere: online, in magazines, on posters, and on products. This black and white, mosaic square actually hides useful information. It is a QR code, an effective combination of the real and the virtual worlds. How is it used and how can it promote your business? Is it just a trend that will be soon forgotten?

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Boost the Credibility of Your E-shop in 10 Steps

Recent studies show that consumers are still skeptical about shopping online. Concern is often understandable: products arrive late, damaged, or even never arrive. So how do we gain customer confidence and convey trust? In the following ten steps, learn what you can do to improve your e-shop, heighten credibility, and last but not least, increase profit.

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Choose Your Ideal Website Address

Choosing an effective web address is one of the major keys to the success of your website. Your website should be as easy to remember as the number of a hotline. Fortunately, unlike telephone numbers, a web address is very flexible and prone to tailoring, especially since the opportunity is open for you to choose the one you want! However, such a wide range of possibilities often causes us to hesitate in the midst of choosing. What rules should be followed when choosing the perfect web address?  Read on for tips on how to create an attractive, concise, and memorable address for your website!

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