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All of the more than one million websites running on Webnode got their mobile version absolutely free of charge today. Visitors using iPhones, PDAs or other portable devices can now view optimized web pages or e-shops using their mobile phones. Furthermore, Webnode users can now also easily manage their websites and e-shops directly from their mobile devices.  The Webnode Internet service launched its mobile version at

Mobile Internet is currently on the increase. That’s something everyone knows. But we’ve moved it to a brand new dimension. Instead of just page optimization for mobile browsing, we made another step – we’ve allowed everyone to manage their websites on the go. We are the first company in the market making this happen in such a complex manner and range,” says Vit Vrba, founder and co-owner of Westcom.

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Smartphones today offer sufficient computing power, speed and display resolution suitable for web browsing; they currently generate 14% of overall mobile phone sales and according to Gartner in 2012 the smartphones’ share will increase to 37%. In conjunction with smartphone sales increase, the usage of mobile Internet usage also increases. According to mobile operators, the number of mobile Internet users in the Europe has doubled to 85 million users since last year, which means that one out of every nine SIM cards in the Europe today is being used to access the Internet. This is an opportunity not only for big enterprises, but also for smaller companies. Offering their goods and services on the Internet should be a natural part of their marketing strategy.

The current trend is obvious – in just a few years there will be more users accessing the Internet from their mobile device than those from their PC,” continues Vit Vrba. “This was definitely the reason for us to make this fundamental step – make the mobile Internet available to users through Webnode free of charge.” He adds, “Although being a company established in the Czech Republic, we’re becoming a world pioneer in this new trend.”

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  • I like webnode…give me a good services…

  • i use webnode on my ipod touch all the time is so awesome

  • avinga

    how to make our own mobile version to our webnode website

  • You already have it :-)

    If you had created a Webnode project, you automatically have a mobile version of your website, just visit from your mobile: and login with your e-mail address and password.

    Or just visit your website from your mobile and you will see how it changes to adapt the mobile screen.

  • mdomarfaruk

    I like webnode…
    I love webnode…..

    give me a very good services…

    webnode mobile version support nokia N70 ?

  • Hello mdomarfaruk,

    I'm glad to see that you are happy with Webnode, keep posted for new changes and improvements constantly :-)

    About Webnode mobile, it adapts to most modern phone with Internet access, try by visiting

  • azizuddin

    i love web node

  • Thank you for your kind words! :-D

    We are glad to see that our system is loved by our users, and just wait because it is just going better and better!

  • vegam

    Web Node Is My Life !!! I Like Web Node ! I Love Web Node !! WE LOVE WEB NODE !!

  • I Like Web Node ! I Love Web Node !! WE LOVE WEB NODE !!

  • Thank you Mahavir!

    And congratulations for your website, and many greetings to all our fellows from India! :-D

  • Yeah..!! You're right..!!
    We love Webnode..!!

  • Thanx for Webnode Mobile version..!!
    Thanx a lot Webnode Team..!!

  • You are very welcome :-) this comments are a great reward for us, and encourages us to keep on making more innovations, so keep posted because there is much more coming!

  • Thanks for the updation about the mobile website technology in this blog.Thanks for this great article.

  • if i already built a website which is not mobile compatible.. is there a way that i can make it mobile compatible aswell?

  • if i already built a website which is not mobile compatible.. is there a way that i can make it mobile compatible aswell?

  • Hello Veronica,

    Since you had built your website in Webnode, it is already mobile compatible, automatically without you having to do anything! :-)

  • rushil


  • Thank you Rushil, and wait for more amazing things to come!

  • Hello Harshith,

    No, there isn't any application, and the reason for that is… Because you don't need it!! :-D

    Webnode already works in your smartphone without the need of installing anything, just visit your website from your mobile or got to: from your mobile and you will see that all the content adapts to your mobile without the need of installing anything.

    This means that all of our Webnode users they automatically get a mobile version of their webnode website, without the need of doing anything :-)


    Webnode Team

  • Catering Sydney

    hey What can i do after 30 days???
    I have create it
    but its provide only 30 days trial version so after 30 days what can i do with it..

    Pls give me reply as soon as possible.
    I ll wait for your reply..

  • Hello Catering Sydney,

    Just to clarify, the mobile version will be always available, also for free users :-)

    Now, for what I could see you just signed to create a Business Website and at this moment we are having a special promotion in which you are getting a 30 day free trial of Premium services for Business Websites.

    After this period ends, you have 2 choices:

    – Purchase a Premium package and keep enjoying the Premium features
    – Not to purchase a Premium package and then your website will be downgraded to a Free version (We will never delete or disable your website!)

    You can see a table showing the differences between the free version and the Premium packages for Business Websites from this link:

    Also remeber that by purchasing a Premium package you are contributing to the development of this amazing tool so we can keep improving it and also improving our service :-)

    Thank you,

    Carlos Botero
    Global Marketing Manager

  • Catering Sydney

    Thanks a ton for this positive response…

  • Lukas Havrda

    You should have paid for a professional translator… For example the last sentence: Although being…. You can't say it like that. You should say: Despite being…

  • Lukas Havrda

    Good website though…

  • Hello Lukas,

    Thank you for your comment, anyway I hope that the information in the post has been useful for you.



  • And more things are about to come, just stay tuned.

  • jamal abdu

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  • Using this tool you can manage your website even you don't have a computer. But I'm concerned is does this webnode compatible with all CMS?


    But the problem is when copying and pasting .. .!!!

  • Hello Libya,

    If you are having any technical problem with Webnode (mobile or not) please contact us at our support e-mail address and we will help you:

  • Hello Jamal,

    That is fantastic! I'm glad that you can find Webnode so inspiring. We wish you all the best with your online project!

  • Ximche_94

    I love webnode too but i have a question for webnode staff why dont you add Albanian language to your website languages

  • Prakash Saththivel

    i love this site, inspired me

  • Hello Ximche_94,

    We are glad to see how Webnode has been expanding all around the world. If you wish to help us in translating our system into Albanian please feel very welcome, just send us a message to:

  • Amazing, thank you Prakash, and hope you will keep finding more benefits from Webnode.

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    mutoio bom gostei, agora posso atualizar meu webnode pelo celular.

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    desejo a todos muita saude e sucesso na vida

  • Hola Edvaldo,

    Muchas gracias por tu apoyo :-) y si necesitas algo sólo contáctanos en nuestro departamento de asistencia al usuario (pueden encontrar el enlace dentro de la página de Administración de tu proyecto Webnode).

    Un saludo,

    Carlos Botero
    Chief Marketing Manager

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