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All of the more than one million websites running on Webnode got their mobile version absolutely free of charge today. Visitors using iPhones, PDAs or other portable devices can now view optimized web pages or e-shops using their mobile phones. Furthermore, Webnode users can now also easily manage their websites and e-shops directly from their mobile devices.  The Webnode Internet service launched its mobile version at

Mobile Internet is currently on the increase. That’s something everyone knows. But we’ve moved it to a brand new dimension. Instead of just page optimization for mobile browsing, we made another step – we’ve allowed everyone to manage their websites on the go. We are the first company in the market making this happen in such a complex manner and range,” says Vit Vrba, founder and co-owner of Westcom.

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Smartphones today offer sufficient computing power, speed and display resolution suitable for web browsing; they currently generate 14% of overall mobile phone sales and according to Gartner in 2012 the smartphones’ share will increase to 37%. In conjunction with smartphone sales increase, the usage of mobile Internet usage also increases. According to mobile operators, the number of mobile Internet users in the Europe has doubled to 85 million users since last year, which means that one out of every nine SIM cards in the Europe today is being used to access the Internet. This is an opportunity not only for big enterprises, but also for smaller companies. Offering their goods and services on the Internet should be a natural part of their marketing strategy.

The current trend is obvious – in just a few years there will be more users accessing the Internet from their mobile device than those from their PC,” continues Vit Vrba. “This was definitely the reason for us to make this fundamental step – make the mobile Internet available to users through Webnode free of charge.” He adds, “Although being a company established in the Czech Republic, we’re becoming a world pioneer in this new trend.”

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  • Marjolein

    I curious what technology you’re using to present a ‘mobile’ view of our websites. I don’t see any media queries in the stylesheet, the stylesheet also doesn’t look like it automatically adapts at smaller screens at all (everything is fixed-width), and I’m definitely not seeing as mobile version when I’m going to my website!nUsing Opera Mobile on Android 2.2.n(Yes, other mobile-capable sites *do* adapt automatically – my site here doesn’t.)

  • Serviurge

    onde posso alterar o dns

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  • I’ve been using mobile landing pages to redirect all of mobile visitors to keep them on my site. And it has worked pretty well with the option to SEO the pages individually.Really useful post. Thanks for sharing … appreciated!

  • Is there a way to add my logo to the mobile version, or change the font?  I like the idea, but don’t like the look! thanks!

  • Hello!
    This is not possible due to high web traffic and therefore, a potentially high cost. Our mobile version is a lighter version of the website, meaning only necessary images appear and the font is limited because not all phones support all font types.
    Thank you for understanding.

    We wish you continued success with your website!