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Check our Terms of Service, FAQ and Overview for our Webnode Affiliate Program.

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  • We used webnode to build our greek software shop in minimut time and effort.

  • That is really amazing! and since you are mentioning Greece, I would like you to know that soon there will be Webnode 100% in Greek!

  • josiecarolinesmibb0455

    Thank you so much for the nice comment, Nina. The page you are looking at was created for free using open source software. That being said, http://www.myeasypayment.com the logo and graphic were done professionally by a company. If you are interested in utilizing them let me know and I will make the introduction!



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  • We used webnode to create a website whose subject is radio and show our region.
    Webnode is great for our purposes of promotion and it's free.
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    I guess clickbooth is good for some things, but I find it hard to understand what they mean with their CPA acronym. I prefer my real CPA acronym at sacramento accounting It makes sense to me.

  • Hello Bob,

    Indeed, CPA can mean sooo many things, just a quick list from here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CPA

    Now, in terms of online business, CPA stands for “Cost Per Action”. This is used oftenly when talking about online campaigns like with Google Ads or Yahoo Ads platform.

    Here is a Wikipedia article which explains much better what CPA in online advertising means: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cost_per_action

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    Oi, solicito maiores informações sobre como poderei me tornar um parceiro de você, sou do Brasil e estou interessado em oferecer o webnode as empresas locais. Obrigado.

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