What is a browser? You don’t need to know!

June 26th, 2009

Scott Suiter from Google has asked random people on Time Square a very simple question – What is a browser? The answers are quite surprising!

Less then 8% of people who were interviewer on that day knew what a browser was. Does it really matters? Google is trying to push their Chrome Browser which is actually pretty cool, but we don’t really care which one you use (as long, as it’s not obsolete Internet Explorer 6 or something even older which is not compatible with Web 2.0 features).

Common user doesn’t need to know – the goal is the internet, not the gateway (browser). It’s pretty much just like with Webnode. Our users don’t need to know what is HTML or any other technical stuff. Only thing they need is an internet access and idea for great content. Try it out on our demo site.

More info about the video can be found on authors site.

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What is a browser? You don't need to know! by
  • Bob

    Guys, how about checking your grammar and spelling when blogging? Just a thought…

  • Uhm, sorry! This was posted while not public but missed the correction when it went live. Will sent Ben to fix it soon.

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  • jhonykiyosaki

    i can use a lot of browser. Opera, chrome and mozilla

  • macozetizle
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