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May 5th, 2009

Webnode is now offering some royalty-free pictures for your Webnode website. Thanks to our partnership with Pixmac you can choose photos from a large stock of pictures.

picture strip - stock

Stock images are professional photographs of people, locations, landmarks, nature, events, objects or any other theme that are sold on a royalty-free basis. Royalty-free stock images can be used and re-used for commercial design purposes. The end user is ultimately prevented from violating copyright laws because they are essentially purchasing licensing rights to use the images. Stock photography is a cost-effective and timesaving method to obtain images by avoiding the process of directly hiring a photographer.

How to start

Step 1

Register at

Step 2

After registration is complete visit Pixmac’s Buy credits page

buy credits

Step 3

Insert the code WEBNODE5 into the “Redeem a promotional code” field and click the “Use code” buton

promotional code - webnode5

Step 4

Your account will receive 5 free image credits

How to get pictures

Step 1

You can start searching pictures directly on the Pixmac homepage. Make sure to have select the Pixmac collection.

picture searching - Pixmac

Step 2

When you find the right picture for your website just click the buy button and download the picture immediatelly.

Buy picture
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