Traffic is the lifeblood of any business

For many people creating the site is an overwhelming experience. When they have their site up and are ready for customers to look at it, most site owners take a long hiatus before they advertise their site, if ever. Surprisingly, despite no website promotion, they still expect instant results. Having your site up is like having a house build in the middle of nowhere with no roads to get to you. Don’t fall into this trap.

Free pictures for your website

Webnode is now offering some royalty-free pictures for your Webnode website. Thanks to our partnership with Pixmac you can choose photos from a large stock of pictures.

E-shop – The first drag and drop e-commerce solution

We announce the launch of E-shop, the new Webnode project that allows users to easily produce an e-commerce website to sell products online to customers using credit cards or solutions like PayPal. It is very easy to use, very very intuitive with lots of advanced features.