10 Things People Hate to Find on Your Site

October 11th, 2012

Your site is already online for a while, and statistics show that you have visitors every day. But then how come people don’t comment in your blog or don’t buy anything in your e-shop? Visitors can be closing your site, just because it’s simply scaring them away. Discover 10 ten reasons why people can close your web page after 10 seconds.

Are you sure your site is the most attractive as it can be? Well, you may be disappointed now. We have prepared for you a list of 10 things on your website that are often hated by visitors at first glance.

Your site can be ignored if you have:

1. Pop-ups

Pop-ups used aggressively can just scare the visitor. If someone is looking for information and expect to find relevant content on your site, an unexpected pop-up will most likely lead to a click on the X to close the page.

2. Music and / or video on startup

Imagine you are surfing the web at work or at home when your child has just fallen asleep, and suddenly without warning, loud music start playing. Will you be happy? No. Apart from exceptional cases, visitors have the right to choose to watch the video or listen to music!

3. An unwelcoming homepage

Visitors must know where they are in a few seconds. The homepage is at least obliged to respond to the questions “Who are you?” And “Why choose you?” Also as a bonus, it should have something that attracts attention – promotions, sales etc. Have your own “hook”!

4. Tasteless banners

You are a true entrepreneur if you earn money with banner ads on your site. But beware! Too many particularly striking banners may distract the visitor from the content of your own website.

5. Confusing navigation

Visitors are not you – they don’t know the organization of your website, which is why it’s recommended to make the navigation as simple as possible so that people can find the necessary points while browsing your site.

6. Pages that open slowly

Your visitor will count to 5. If your page is not opened after that time, it will be closed. Think twice before adding high resolution images or heavy Flash files to the homepage.

7. Unformatted plain text

Throw a glance at the image below. Even without reading it, a text that has no title, paragraph, nor link when necessary, doesn’t attract the reader’s attention. If text doesn’t look appealing – it won’t be read!

8. “Contact us” blank

A lack of contact info can be a “no” deciding against your site, especially when it comes to commercial sites. The feedback form may not be enough for you.

9. No social buttons

An occasional visitor may bother to copy your link to share with friends. Most people will simply close your web page without sharing it, if they see no social button.

10. No blog, no news

Your visitor will ask: Is anyone alive? A good website is not enough these days, you need to update your audience with your news. Many people will quickly leave the website if they don’t find any news or blog.

Do you know how to fix all these 10 things?

Each of these can be used for the benefit of your website, if they are used correctly. Don’t miss our next series Transform “CONs” to “PROs” that will cover all these questions one by one, to help you lift your website to an advanced level!

Is there something you would like to add to this list? Write it in the comments! Make sure to read this step-by-step SEO guide.