10 Strategies for Making Money With Affiliate Programs

March 22nd, 2013

affiliateAffiliate programs are one of the most effective ways to make money with a website. Affiliate programs typically use the CPA system, that is, cost per action. With the CPA system, you receive a commission for every business done through a recommendation. Based on this CPA system, this article will present 10 strategies to make money with affiliate programs by recommending products.

Before starting to prepare any strategy, you should analyze the product or service you want to promote. Get to know their strengths perfectly in order to take full advantage of them. Also, ask yourself what audience this product is intended for and who would purchase it.

1. Write a Review

One of the most powerful strategies in earning money through affiliate programs is by writing a review about the product. Web users accept the opinion about a certain product from others much more easily than from the company. People are increasingly looking for reviews on the Internet, which are opinions coming from those who have experience. If you create a review that present the strengths and weaknesses of the product, your opinion will be taken into account by a lot of buyers.

2. Make Comparisons

Create comparative articles, which compare the product you are promoting to similar products. Point out the advantages and disadvantages of your product and show your visitors why the product you’re promoting is better than the other ones. Don’t to insert links with your affiliate code over the articles, because only then can you take the visitor to the product page and earn money.

3. Create a Landing Page

When writing about a product to promote, you should create a page for the product itself, with all the necessary information. This way you can send readers to this page through campaigns such as articles about the product or newsletter. Coming to this landing page, visitors will find all the necessary information, as well as a button to buy the product. And that’s where you will make money through an affiliate program!

4. Create Videos for Youtube

Create a video where you show the product you’re promoting and explain why people need this product and how it will be useful in their day to day lives. A video is more personal and more motivating than text itself.

5. Market the Product in Forums

Forums are an excellent way to advertise the products. Spread the news about them on forums, especially forums related to the product. For example, if you’re an affiliate in the Webnode Affiliate Program, any forums related to creating websites, blogs, freelancers and technology can be the most suitable.

6. Promote the Brand on Social Networks

Create a page or a Facebook group and invite people potentially interested in the product you are promoting. On Twitter, follow potential buyers and reach out to them with information. Pinterest is also a great way to advertise products because it is a very visual social network. Explore Pinterest and increase profits.

7. Create a Free E-book

A free e-book about the product will clarify any doubts people may have about the product, and feel more secure to make a purchase.

8. Send Newsletters

Email marketing is a powerful tool for promoting products. Create a form on your site to collect the emails of your visitors and send them regular updates of the products you are promoting. In these emails, forward the users to your landing page.

9. Use Banners That Fit Your Site

Despite being one of the most effective ways to attract the reader’s attention, banners cannot be used alone (you must consider all of the above). They are cost effective if used at strategic locations, where the possibility of clicks is higher. Banners placed on the homepage or immediately following a review about a product have greater approval.

10. Do Not Lose Courage

Promoting a product and earning the trust of your visitors for them to purchase is not always easy. But the important thing is not to lose courage and not to give up at the beginning. Work continuously to promote the product and results will arrive with time.

These were the 10 strategies we recommend to earn money through affiliate programs. What are the strategies you currently use? Don’t forget to read the instructions on how to monetize your website step by step.