10 Reasons Why Your Site Doesn’t Get Enough Traffic

January 6th, 2013

Devoting your time to building a website and then not getting any visits can be frustrating! This may happen to both business and personal sites (blogs). “Why doesn’t my website have more visitors?” is a frequent question which sometimes doesn’t have an easy answer. But ever thought that the problem with your website might be right before your eyes? This post will help you find the solution.

1. The subject is too broad

The choice of topic is a major factor that leads to less visits on a blog. Usually, people prefer to create websites with very general topics. Here’s an example: if you create a site about restaurants, you’ll find it hard to get a good position in Google as competition is high. But if your site is about Japanese restaurants in São Paulo, the competition will be lower and the quality of your website traffic will be higher because of the specificity of the topic. Want to know more? We’ll help you choose the perfect topic for your blog.

2. Bad design

A bad design creates a negative opinion when opening your page and can make visitors never come back to your site! Make a general revision: First, think about the template you are using. Is it best suited for your site? We have hundreds of templates for all areas, look for one that meets your needs. Then review your menu – sites with confusing menus halt easy navigation. Finally consider all the little things, like 10 things people hate to find on your site.

3. Limited communication forms

Do you collect emails from your visitors and send regular newsletters? Is your website registered in directories? Are you attracting visitors to your profile on social networks? If the answer is no, this might be a strong reason your site does not get enough traffic!

4. Many images and little text

The traffic coming from Google is the most important for any website. Please note that Google reads the text you have on your site and not the text that you have in images. If your website contains many pictures and few text, content will not be visible to Google and will not appear in Google search.

5. Bad social promotion

Social networks have enormous power to generate traffic to a website. Good management of social networking will help you win frequent visits. A Facebook page and a Twitter profile are essential to attract social traffic to your site. Learn why you should be on Facebook.

6. Allow sufficient time

If your site is new, do not expect to reach the first position in Google overnight. A website needs time to appear and earn a good position in Google. We have some advice that can help you: Get your site to appear faster in Google.

7. Bad titles

Your article titles can seem excellent in your own eyes but does Google consider them good too? Search engines read the titles differently than humans – they read keywords! We advise you to do a search of the keywords you will use in your article before publication. Is there a demand? Is the competition high? Keep all this in mind because it will affect your position in Google.

8. Updates are not constant

A major problem for bloggers is to keep their websites updated constantly so that the same people can visit it regularly. One tip is to keep your homepage updated. Your readers will thank you for the new content and search engines will see that your site is current.

9. The site is too slow

Do you like to enter a website and wait several seconds for it to load? Well, no one likes that. As the saying goes, time is money and nobody likes to wait. You may be losing a lot of traffic because of a slow website. Learn how to make your site load faster.

10. Bad or no optimization

When it comes to optimizing a website, we talk about several aspects that must be taken into account and require work. Optimizing for keywords will help your website get a better position in Google. But take your time to work on it. Image optimization is no less important – do you optimize each picture you publish on your website? Another point that we recommend studying is backlinks and link building. Creating external links to your site is critical to attract visitors and to show Google that your content is relevant.

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