Automatic backup policies

Webnode provides automatic backups as paid service that can be purchased with any of the Premium Plans.

After your purchase, we will automatically back up your website at 3:00 a.m. every day so you can safely restore your website anytime you need. You'll have backups from three different dates - the current morning, last Sunday and Sunday two weeks ago. These backups will be available in the "Backup and restore" section of your project administration.

Automatic backups include all website content and settings, form entries, member registrations and orders available at the date and time of the backup. Automatic backups don't include the content of the email accounts created on your domain.

You can pause and restart automatic backups any time you need.

Automatic backups will take up some of the storage you have available with the individual plans. Automatic backups are therefore created until your plan expires or until you run out of available storage.

If there isn't enough storage, the backup won't be created and you'll receive an email notification. If the system cannot create a backup for seven consecutive days, the automatic backups will be paused and we'll notify you again.

If you run out of storage, you can delete unnecessary backups or upgrade to a Premium Plan with more storage available.

If you run out of storage available with your Profi Premium Plan, please contact our customer support team that can help you based on your individual needs.

You can restore your website anytime you need. Check our Knowledgebase to see how. Restoring your website from a backup is an irreversible process. Webnode isn't liable for any loss of your more recent data. We recommend you to check all the important data (orders, form entries, etc.) before you restore your website.