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Mikko Kuronen

I created my business website with Webnode last year and found it much easier than I had imagined. Even a novice (like me) can make a good looking site without getting dazed and confused. Hosting has been reliable and technical support has been there when needed. I would recommend Webnode for anyone needing a website for a small business. Simple is beautiful. 5.0

Taryn Barry

As a non-profit organization, we have limited resources. Fortunately, Webnode has been a simple and affordable option for us. We have been able to collect charitable donations through our website, and promote our upcoming fundraising events. We have been with Webnode since 2009 and we have no plans to leave in the future. I recommend Webnode to everyone! 4.0

Soňa Huberová

For our non-profit project, we needed to minimize the cost of presentation. On the recommendation of friends we chose Webnode and we are very satisfied with the choice. Besides quick and easy creation of website, Webnode provides the possibility to customize the look to your needs. 5.0

Zdeněk Vaníček

We are cooperating with Webnode for more than two years already. I appreciate especially helpful communication and high-quality support team. They fulfill what they promised. We currently have over 100,000 unique visitors per month and system Webnode can handle even so big number of users without problems. 4.0

Terry Johnson

I keep hearing horror stories from other authors about their websites going down, or trouble with their hosting. I'm so glad I chose Webnode. I get technical support when I need it, a fabulous web design, and options to satisfy my growing business. And the fact that it's all free totally rocks! 4.0

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