Web of the Month

Metwou: A Consultancy Represented Online

As our Web of the Month, this time we’re presenting an inspiring business website skillfully designed for the company Metwou – Management action consultancy. Metwou helps and supports businesses to deliver successful outcomes. We found the website to be a great example of what a real professional website should be like.




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A Thai Webshop Crafted with Webnode

Webnode e-shop Thai Crafts was chosen for our web of the month of May. The e-shop sells 100% genuine handmade crafts, which are designed and created by locals of North Thailand. With the help of their website, the Thai crafts team aims to offer a great opportunity to the community to promote their crafts all around the globe. Let’s take a look at their website with Webnode. Read more …

Golden Green: A Website Promoting Honey Products and More

Honey products in Golden GreenApril’s website of the month features Golden Green, a company committed to preserving our resources and biodiversity through innovative and environmentally friendly product solutions. Their specialty is honey, but also offer a wide range of health products. The website reflects the healthy and “green” perspective of this group. Keep reading! Read more …

Explore South Africa with Incredible Cape Town

Tour a safariIf you want to be inspired by a fantastic travel agency website, Incredible Cape Town is what you are looking for. A beautifully crafted website, Incredible Cape Town was created to promote small group, nature-based tours. Our team chose this website due to its simple, straightforward editing techniques and use of bright photographs. Embark on a journey to South Africa!




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FormulaRapida.Net: A Motorsports News Site Made with Webnode

Arnau Viñals Vendrell: webmaster of FormulaRapida.net.This month we’re putting Formula Rapida under the spotlight, a Webnode website created for the latest news on motorsports. The website is incredibly rich with news about race events from MotoGP to Formula 1. Let’s take a look at this superb example of designing a successful news portal.
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Web of the Month: Michalbarvik.com

Web of the month: Michal BarvikThe website of sports therapist and fitness trainer Michal Barvik was this month’s winning choice. Michal established his training sessions in Edinburgh and set up a website to promote his services and help his customers. Explore the structure and design of this nicely built fitness website.
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Web of the Month Bishwamber's Photography

Bishwamber's photography website

We’ve dedicated November to the website of Bishwamber’s Photography, a site created by Bishwamber, a talented photographer from India. We loved the elegant design of the website and breathtaking images in the photo gallery. Keep reading to discover more about this unique photography website made with Webnode!
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Web of the Month: Dicas da Savana

dicasdasavana.comThis month the winner of the “Web of the Month” contest is a blog created by a 25-year-old businesswoman with a passion for fashion and beauty – Savana Ferreira. What was just a distraction at first, has today become something that bears fruit. Keep reading to learn about the history of Dicas de Savana (“Tips by Savana”). Read more …

Web of the Month Electorbikes - Meet the Freedom

The website of the month for March 2013 is Electorbikes – meet the freedom, a website dedicated to electric bicycles by Tomáš Pospíšil! Three years ago he was looking for an eco-friendly and economical form of transportation. The electric bike inspired him to the point that he decided to start his own business in the field.  Read more …

Web of the Month - World in Words

Building dreams is undoubtedly one of the greatest virtues of the Internet. The website www.world-in-words.com undeniably confirms this idea, a blog where words convert the age-old dream of teleportation into reality. We didn’t choose this blog by accident for our first “Web of the Month” in 2013 : we invite you to find inspiration for exploring exotic destinations for your travels this year, or to record the stories you find, as did José Luis Nicolás, author of the blog.

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