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January 8th, 2014

Mobile templates for your Webnode e-shopToday 77% of online product searches are made from mobiles and tablets and 30% of these searches will end with a purchase! Any online shopping method should be as simple as possible, and what’s more, enjoyable. Therefore, for your Webnode e-shop, nearly 30 unique mobile templates are available, which ensure ultimate convenience for your customers when shopping. Choose the one that best suits your online store!

People these days don’t have time to sit at a computer. They want to shop on their mobiles or tablets on the way home from work, while watching TV, or by the pool. Quickly and conveniently. Now you can make this possible!

Our mobile templates offer beautiful color combinations along with clear layouts, which allow quick and easy orientation for customers – even on a small screen such as a mobile phone display. The mobile templates you’ll find in your Webnode e-shop have an intuitive menu, as well as clear descriptions and illustrations of products that literally invite people to start shopping.

Mobile templates for e-shops

New templates for your Webnode e-shop

Your e-shop already has a mobile version set, one that best visually corresponds to your chosen template. To apply another mobile template, log in to your e-shop and select “Website template” – “Change mobile template” (instructions can also be found in Help).

Now your customers can enjoy the convenience of shopping from your online store that can be accessed from anywhere!

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