Wedding Websites: Make a Collection of Memories

July 18th, 2013

Make a wedding website

A wedding is one of the most beautiful experiences in our lives. We want it to be memorable not only for, us but also for our guests. Therefore, many people build a wedding site – a web album, in which they can share their memories with friends and family. Let’s see what a wedding website can look like!



“There are not five or six wonders of the world but only one alone: LOVE.” — Jacques Prévert

The most important step is to choose a proper template. The best Webnode templates for your wedding website are, for example, Serious, Photolia, Selfic, Joye, Fleshim or Ambiente.

wedding website templates

Collect all your photographs in a photogallery. For help, read our guide.


And if any videos were taken at your wedding, you should definitely show off your video clips. It’s easy. Just upload videos on YouTube, and then embed them on your site.

Private Pages

A wedding website is not only useful after the wedding, but also before the event.  A lot of help is needed to organize it, and therefore, a large number of people are usually involved. Embed an exclusive section on your site, where you grant access only to selected users. On these pages, you can discuss anything that would not concern all of your guests.

Wedding Gifts

It’s always nice when you get a surprise. But then you can find yourself getting four irons, two kettles and seven cars. Therefore, it’s better for guests to think about what the newlyweds actually need in their household, so make a catalogue of gifts for your website.

Create a wedding registry

Under the catalogue, add a reservation form – list the gifts you want, so guests can mark and reserve them!

And when it’s all over, a webpage is not something that gets thrown away. Afterwards, you can publish all your videos and photos from the wedding. Like other wedding sites, with time, yours can also become part of the family archive.

A wedding is one of the most beautiful things in our lives. Make it even more special and create your wedding website right now!

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  • ptpress

    This is a great idea especially the part where guests can reserve a gift they want to give for the couple so that the couple don’t have to receive the same gifts twice or more. I will be keeping this in mind because a wedding is coming soon. Glad that I have read this. Thanks.


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  • Nga

    Máy ảnh Canon

    And when it’s all over, a webpage is not something that gets thrown away. Afterwards, you can publish all your videos and photos from the wedding.

  • Mike Kovil

    I had w wedding 1 year ago, that was w great day!
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    Yes, a website is a quick and easy way to share your wedding registry. Thank you for visiting our blog. And congratulations on your wedding!

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